The love of coffee

We roast, we toast, we boast

This is the place where our delicious coffee is roasted. Sprout Coffee roasters is growing and is available in specialty coffee bars. Please pay them a visit and they will love to share their knowledge and tell you why they approach these raw beans as they do. Get ready to discover coffee!

Discover The Roast


Where does coffee come from, how do you roast the bean, what coffee suits my taste, how do I make the best espresso?

All these and way more questions will be answered in the workshops, tailored to match different levels coffee-lovers. Please email and see what they can offer you


The Sprout team strives to be a true reliable coffee partner who doesn’t only deliver consistent, accessible and high-quality coffee. They want to have a positive influence on people dealing in coffee by becoming a partner and building a community where everyone can share their knowledge and can grow together.

At home or at work.

Would you like to enjoy Sprout Coffee at home? Come in and grab yourself a bag of home roasted beans.
Would you like to serve Sprout Coffee to your customers? Please contact us at or visit our website