The sweet spot

Specialty Coffee

Coffee to take home. This is where we roast and sell the coffee we serve. Discovered your new favourite coffee bean in our restaurant? This is where you purchase it and give it a new home. Want to give it another try? Go for it.

Always wanted to know how coffee gets roasted? Where it comes from and how you should use it? Sign up for one of our interesting workshops.

Our own coffee

This is where Jaap and Jasper make sure none of our concepts are ever without coffee. The phrase ‘quality over quantity’ rules here.

To go or to the office

Want to enjoy our coffee outside the walls of Fifth? Grab your coffee here. Freshly roasted for the home, the office or your catering facility. Closed but in desperate need? Head over to The Main.


Extend your coffee knowledge by attending one of our workshops. Travel with us to the world of coffee.



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